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As we all know, currently the advances of technology are also penetrating the world of International trade and improve the world economy, and make space and time become no longer had a limitation and obstacle in doing worldwide business cooperation, this results are had great impact in the rapid development of the world economy, we’ve been called that as “Marketing 4.0″. We felt compelled to attend and play an active role in creating a positive synergy for business cooperation schemes in international trade.

We are here and exist to promote the principle of quality services timeliness, and a reliable source of expertise and knowledge across various sectors of business, we engage them actively in the export trade of commodities, technology infrastructure development and the development of international modern construction sector.

In aiming the objective of the expectations to our customers with support from our reliable colleagues in Europe to develop business cooperation network system and creating a positive synergy for opening the opportunities to market and world economic actors for establishing a partnership with a fair and mutually benefit. We present in the middle of the economic crisis and a crisis of confidence in International world trade particularly to business cooperation system, which utilizes the virtual world as a means of mediation in cooperation. We realize that the impact of this facility will have a positive and powerful when its utilized and implemented properly.

Therefore, we invite all of you to build a good correlation business with us through our products and services which we offered to you. We will always strive to provide quality services and our products are the best and suitable to you all with the objective target to establish long term business cooperation in the sustainable manner.

Currently CV. SAI are in the development stage as the Market Makers for fisheries commodity business (both from Aquaculture sources and Wild Capture sources) from Indonesia for the worldwide market.

Beside Fishery commodity trading, we also doing consultancy business to provide a prefect and trusted information as profesional study research for business purposed need and also Online Business for retail toys and sporting goods.

This website exists to meet our goals and expectations, with a sense of pride and joy we invite you to be participating actively with us in establishing business cooperation with the principle of solidarity, trust and good quality service in every process and procedure.

We believe with all above objective, we can create good business dealings in fair, best quality and for long terms together.

Your’s sincerely,

Reza Fadhillah

Managing Director

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