CV Sumber Aromatik Indonesia was founded in 2011 with the aim to develop essential oil industry business, over journey time due to the reputation and performance as well as a good network, CV Sumber Aromatik Indonesia start for had growing business in several sectors include Commodity trading. Currently CV Sumber Aromatik Indonesia concentrating in Fishery trading and Market Maker business and also developing for consultancy business and also imported Sporting goods and Toys / Hobbies product.

Company registration ID:

  • Notary Deed :    Maria Astuti, SH – number 03, July 7th 2011
  • Notary Deed – Alteration : Ayu Fetriana Rosati, SH., M.Kn – number 03, April 12th 2019
  • Place of business license : 503/546/319.A/BPPTSP-C/II/2015
  • Trade business license : 503/00361/17-01/PK/BPPTSP-C/II/2015
  • Registered letter directorate general of taxation : PEM-968/WPJ.14/KP.0203/2011
  • Company Registration : 17,01,3,74,02058/BPPTSP-C/VII/2011
  • Card member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry : 30401-12001168
  • Certificates of competency and qualification firm Chamber of Commerce : 30401-006915



Vision statement

Developing of modern based concept of trading business for positive impact on the company’s comparative advantage and the welfare of the Indonesian people

Mission statement

  • Becoming an trusted company for developing trading business to the domestic and international cooperation.
  • Focus on the developing trading and consultancy business.
  • Creating vast employment opportunities and the development of Indonesian society to gain international competitiveness.
  • Become a leading company for safe and comfortable destination to domestic and foreign investment.


With a good strategic reputation personally owned by the founder of CV Sumber Aromatik Indonesia and also good team inside the company, CV Sumber Aromatik Indonesia are the best company that provides the best resources and the right business partner for local and foreign companies

Business goals & objectives

The company is determined to create good employment opportunity for the people of Indonesia, therefore the company copes with all the best ability to create business potential by doing cooperation with the local and foreign investors in order to develop the resource potential and good market for the development of East Kalimantan region which is famous as larger area island in Indonesia and has a good potential for the future development.

Business strategy

In Indonesia, there are several business sectors are into investment negative list, and there are several businesses sector that have requirements and regulation that make it difficult for foreign investors, we are here willing to act as a solution by creating a multi-layer process of working together  with cooperation terms so that we will be a good and safe buffer for foreign investors. In addition we have many genuine network of reliable sources and reliable products in Indonesia so that the network of overseas business could be entrust the management integral to their business in terms of getting the source of a product or market in Indonesia.

Economic intent

Fishery Commodity Trading, Essential Oil and Herbs Trading, Online shops and Consultancy.

Business competitiveness

Due the strategic possition and reputation of owner of this company in several govt board and national level organization, past family heritage and experience in international level business make us become the very important with genuinely safe and secure manner for your business cooperation and investment project in Indonesia


Service pledge

Your Satisfaction is Our Pride.


Business model

We made intermediaries process become more short by removing too many intermediaries in a long supply chain: “cutting out the unuseful middlemans”. Instead of going through traditional distribution channels, which had some type of intermediate (such as a distributor, wholesaler, broker, or agent), companies may now deal with every customer directly to the owner or source which mostly had good relationship in company networks, for example we mediate it via the Internet to the potential customer or investor.

Value chain

With our wide and vast networks both in domestic and international, we can be additional value for the seller to the buyer, farmer to the market, land owner for the investor and we eliminate all “bottle neck” problem and issue such like ; language, management system, negotiation methode and etc.